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Start Building a Website | Simple and Advanced Mode

Start Building a Website
By default, your Web site was created with a layout. You may decide to build your Web site from a layout or to build your Web site from scratch. For advanced design options, click here. What follows is a basic summary of the steps needed to start building your Web site. Please click on the underlined links to take you to the appropriate pages for each topic.

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Simple and Advanced Mode
This tutorial covers making modifications in Advanced Mode for the 3.0 Administration. There are more options and functionality in Advanced Mode than Simple Mode. Also, simple Mode will not allow you to add or remove components, it will only allow you to modify existing components.

To convert from Simple Mode to Advanced Mode, follow these steps (please keep in mind that you can only switch between Simple and Advanced Mode if you have at least one page for your Web site, disabled or active). From the Administration home page, click on the blue text of your sitename. Click on the button "Edit" for any of your pages to enter the Page Editor. Click on the button "Options" in the top-left corner of the Web page. A small window appears.

Select "Advanced Mode" in the drop-down menu next to the text "Admin Mode". Click on the button "Set Configuration" to save and apply your changes.

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